About Us

Amazing Cake is a Dubai one-stop online destination for delicious part dessert, part pieces of art creations, specialising in custom cakes and baked sweets. Anything above and beyond your imagination we can bake, Amazing Cake motto proclaims ‘You Think it, We Cake it’. Every morning our Patissiers freshly prepare and handcraft from scratch their sweet irresistible desserts, reaching you straight at your home doorstep.

The story began in a loving home kitchen, where the founder Prasanna Kumara grew up watching his grandmother bake her delicious desserts. One day while he was sketching in the kitchen, his Nana took a look and saw a beautiful cake drawing from his imagination and together they created a very first unique Amazing Cake, laying the milestone for the future company.

Prasanna spent over a decade learning arts & crafts in the pastry business, starting from the bakeries ground learning the ins and outs of the industry. It’s anything, but an overnight success story that created something Amazing.

What makes Amazing Cake so special and taste like home is using exactly the same fresh ingredients and techniques, as those in home baking. We take the same emotion and love to bring it to your home with recipes inspired by home kitchen, while having the look of a masterpiece under Prasanna’s creative direction.

Amazing Cake offers a full range of baked cakes and desserts including sponge cakes, soft cakes, 3D cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastries and much more. We take on a very personal approach to create bespoke cake masterpieces for weddings, birthdays, events and other celebrations – You Think it, We Cake it!

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